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Here’s the swords converted from The Sims Medieval I’ve been promising to upload! Also just a heads up, I’ll soon also be uploading a small mod concerning these babies.

  • 9 Swords in total (8 for adults + 1 for kids)
  • Found under rings in CAS (only right handed)
  • All are available for both female and male
  • All come in one file (so you can pick and choose)

  • Standard Sword (Vertices: 316 / Polygons:297 )

  • Base Symbol Sword (Vertices: 492 / Polygons: 538)

  • Rope Sword (Vertices:460 / Polygons:375)

  • Elegant Sword (Vertices:487 / Polygons:438)

  • Wooden Sword (Vertices: 352 / Polygons: 272)

  • Narrow Blade Sword (Vertices: 462/ Polygons:434)

  • Crude Sword (Vertices:460 / Polygons:480)

  • Skull Sword (Vertices: 507/ Polygons:490)

  • Children's Sword (Vertices:684 / Polygons:748)

The pose in the 1st preview picture is by @matchagreenmidori
Ps. I’ve uploaded the rope sword before but I hope you will replace it with this newer version as I did some fine tuning with it.

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