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I found this Skyrim conversion for Sims 2 by Sunni and although it was too late for me to use it in my history challenge’s prehistoric age I was sure I’d come up with other ways to use it and so I converted it to Sims 4. Credit goes to Sunni of course whom I can’t thank enough for their work for Sims 2.

The lean-to can be found under lawn ornaments.

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare, no adfly)

I converted the blacksmith’s forge with bellows from the Sims Medieval and here it is for your use as well!  It’s a deco item but I think fits really nicely with NixedSims's awesome blacksmith’s crafting station.
NOTE: You need to use “moveObjects on” cheat to place the items in place as they are in the 1st and 2nd previews pictures.
Mesh details:
  • This download adds 3 new meshes & objects into your game:
    • 1) Forge
      • Polygons: 542
    • 2) Coal
      • Polygons: 344
    • 3) Bellows
      •  Polygons: 1292
    • All meshes are recolorable
Prices in game and where to find the objects:
  • Forge (found in sculptures): 600 Simoleons
  •  Coal (found in sculptures): 50 Simoleons
  •  Bellows (found in sculptures): 250 Simoleons

TOU: Feel free to recolor/texture. You can include the meshes but give me credit please!


TS4: Boys Everyday Rococo Suit

  • mesh is originally from Sims 3 (converted to Sims 4 by me)
  • base game compatible
  • 9 swatches


  • converted from the Get Famous adult male outfit
  • the shoes are part of the outfit
  • base game compatible

TS4: Boy’s 1700s Frock Coat

  • new mesh, base game compatible
  • conversion of the Sims 4 Get Famous male adult outfit
  • the outfit includes the boots
  • comes in 10 swatches, 5 solid colors and 5 patterned
  • the hat the boy is wearing in the preview is from @simverses​ and you can download it here


I previously converted the Sims 3 18th century / rococo men’s outfit Dress for Dinner  for sims 4, and now I converted the outfit for boys as well. 

  • new mesh, base game compatible
  • 14 swatches
  • the men's version can be found here

  • This is one hairstyle that combines both the cap (modified from the base game shower cap) and the hair beneath it (from Seasons), so you are not able to combine the hat with other hairstyles because the positioning of it is different from the maxis hats.
  • The hair comes in all 24 mm colors and the cap is always off-white
  • base game compatible



    TS4: Simple 18th Century Updo

    • This is a quick little edit of two maxis hairstyles for those simpler 18th century looks
    • base game compatible
    • comes in all 24 mm hair colors
    • compatible with hats



    TS4: Sims from the Past’s 1780′s Ensemble - recolors

    An 18th century women's dress with 8 muted earth toned patterns, including stripes, plaid and floral

    • An 18th century / colonial inspired dress for girls
    • base game compatible
    • A mesh edit of the Sims 3 Farm Fresh Folk Dress
    • The mesh was originally converted by Cepzid Studio (link to the mesh here)
    • 14 swatches (both floral and plaid so the dress can suit casual and more formal wear)
    • the bonnets in the picture are by linzlu and can be found here

    So it just occurred to me I didn’t uploaded this pose set when I uploaded the pistol but here it finally is. The effects were made in photoshop so they’re not included.

    • 20 poses in total (10 for both sims)
    • the pistol can be found here (made by me)
    • the sims’ outfits were also made by me, found here
    • how to use: place 2 pose players in the same spot for both sims