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I found it hard to find outerwear for my Edwardian sims ladies so I pieced together this coat from two different City Living outfits, thinking it looked quite appropriate.  

The outfit works with all body shapes but when the sims move there’s some clipping where the top of the skirt meets the bottom of the jacket. 

  • Mistress Mysterium Hat converted from Sims 3
    • 15 Swatches  
  • The dress mesh is made by me (edited from different S4 meshes)
    • 15 Swatches
  • Everything is base game compatible
  • The gloves & shoes in the previews are from the Vampire Pack
  • Mesh sizes:
    • The dress:  Vertices: 3622  / Polygons: 5586
    • Hat: Vertices: 1531 / Polygons: 2434


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