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So this is my solution to replace the modern computer with a time appropriate object for the Medieval & Renaissance stage of my history challenge. It’s also great for storytelling if you want to have the invention and use of the printing press be an event in your historical challenges, legacies etc.
The mesh of the desk is property of Stroti at nexus mod’s who first made it for Oblivion. So all the credit goes to them. The chair was made by me from a sims 4 base game table. The textures were also made by me using extracted textures from Sims Medieval. 
Also I want to thank @srslysims whose spinning wheel computer replacementwas an inspiration for this. 
Set includes:
  • A Desk (Based on an ordinary base game work desk)
  • A Letter Plate (is the computer) with simlish text!
  • A Chair
  • 5 textures & colors for the desk and chair
How to put the printing press together:
  1. Place the desk on the ground using “bb.moveobjects” cheat (for some reason it can’t be placed without it)
  2. Place the letter plate (found in electronics) onto the desk (it fits right into between the metal bars
  3. Place the chair in front of the desk 


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