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So I started the History Challenge on Sims 4 little while ago and this little pile of rocks that work as a sleeping place / shelter was the 1st thing I made for it. 

It’s cloned from one of the tents from the Outdoor Expansion pack & the mesh is originally from Sims 3 that Hafiseazale converted to Sims 2 first and then I converted it to Sims 4. I then scaled the original mesh much larger and lined it so that when sims entered/exited it the action would look as smooth and natural as possible (since it works as a tent). I also didn’t make it bigger than this or otherwise the sims would walk through the rocks and that wouldn’t have looked realistic.

As for textures I made 3 types off rock textures (by re-using the S4′s own rock textures) and 3 recolors for them each (sand, grey and dark grey) so that they would be closer to maxis match than the original sims 3 ones. 

Note: Because it’s cloned off from the tent the rock lights up annoyingly at night if sims hang out in there but not when they’re just sleeping. 

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