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Although you don’t need a fridge replacement for the history challenge’s prehistoric age if you have the Outdoor Retreat Pack, but if you don’t, getting you sims fed will be harder so when I saw this hollow tree deco converted to Sims 2 from Sims 3 by Hafiseazale I thought it was perfect fridge replacement so I converted it to S4. 
Note: The only problem with it is that because it’s based on a fridge it lights up oddly at night time (you can see it in the 3rd preview picture) and it was impossible for me to remove. Also the animation isn’t the most natural, the food appears out of thin air to the hole, but it’s at least aesthetically more pleasing solution than a modern fridge (with a good animation) in a prehistoric like world.  
I replaced the Sims 3 texture with 2 custom re-textures (dark and lighter brown) that match the trees in Sims 4  so it would better suit the game this way. 

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