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The dress consist of a top and skirt. They have 2 variations each that appear as different entries in the top and skirt sections of cas. So in total there’s 4 cas items. Everything has 9 recolors. Everything has 9 recolors. 
The top versions:
  1. Vest like top with a long sleeved white shirt underneath
  2. long sleeved top 
The skirt versions:
  1. With an apron
  2. No apron
 !!!Expansions needed:!!!
  1. The top: Sims 4 base game top
  2. The skirt: Get to Work 

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)


  1. I downloaded this and added it to my mods but the dress makes my sims body disappear. the same thing happens with the childs medieval dress.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This dress is only a re-texture of the base game top and Get to Work skirt so I'm not sure why it's doing that? :/ The link I put for the girls' dress should be the correct one but you can check if it works with the master mesh from this dress instead (they're the same dress by Kiara Zurk) http://mystufforigin.blogspot.fi/2015/07/royal-maxis-conversion-for-girls.html

    3. you may need Get to Work installed if you haven't already got it and you should download the original mesh


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