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I edited this top from the Vampire Stuff Pack shirt and was going to use it as a part of a different whole body outfit I was making, but then I came up with the idea to share the top separately as well because I really liked the look of it.
I think this works well with high waist skirts and trousers. The one in the previews is from City Life, but @blogsimplesimmer has done amazing base game compatible jeans that you can use too if you’d like.
  • Base game compatible
  • Mesh by me (Vertices: 2761 /  Polygons: 3846)
  • 20 Swatches 
  • Not allowed for random (the shirt might look strange with low fitted trousers and skirts)

DOWNLOAD (Simfileshare, no adfly)


  1. Hello! I think the download link is incorrect? I tried to download this and received the Professor_Suit file

  2. Hi, I wanted to use this beautiful blouse but it didn't appear in my game.
    I wonder if it is caused by the absence of vampire pack? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi! That shouldn't be the problem because this is compatible with just the base game. Did you put it in a sub-sub folder?


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