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On the Christmas vacation I got into creating poses and this was my 2nd set I made for my Edwardian themed game save. I though this might be useful for other storytellers as well so I uploaded it! :)
  • Description:
    • Two sims running towards each other, they crash into each other, they fall over, he ends up on top of her, they start to get up, he holds his hand for her, he pulls her up and checks if she’s alright.
  • Use with:
    • Teleport any Sim by scumbumbo
      • Pose 1Place 2 teleporters on different locations where you want the two sims to pose, aka be running 
      • Poses 2-8: Place 2 teleporters to the same exact spot and teleport the sims on top of each other
    • Andrew’s Pose Player 
      • Found on the list under: “Running into Each Other - Couple’s Pose Set”

How to use the poses:

Simpler pictures of the poses:

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