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I converted the blacksmith’s forge with bellows from the Sims Medieval and here it is for your use as well!  It’s a deco item but I think fits really nicely with NixedSims's awesome blacksmith’s crafting station.
NOTE: You need to use “moveObjects on” cheat to place the items in place as they are in the 1st and 2nd previews pictures.
Mesh details:
  • This download adds 3 new meshes & objects into your game:
    • 1) Forge
      • Polygons: 542
    • 2) Coal
      • Polygons: 344
    • 3) Bellows
      •  Polygons: 1292
    • All meshes are recolorable
Prices in game and where to find the objects:
  • Forge (found in sculptures): 600 Simoleons
  •  Coal (found in sculptures): 50 Simoleons
  •  Bellows (found in sculptures): 250 Simoleons

TOU: Feel free to recolor/texture. You can include the meshes but give me credit please!

DOWNLOAD (clk.sh/simfileshare)

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