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This is the Royal Cradle converted from The Sims Medieval to Sims 4. I also did bunch of recolors for it. This was meant to upload this ages ago but it got under some other conversions of mine. 

Credit goes to Rebecah who first converted this to Sims 2 and which I then converted to Sims 4. 


  • Found under sculptures & kid’s sculptures
  • 5 Colors for the cradle part: 
    • 4 wooden colors and 1 grey stone color
  • 5 Colors for the blanket
    • White, Red, Blue, Yellow & Green
  • Vertices: 797  /  Polygons: 648
  • Texture is from TSM / Recolors made by me
  • The mesh is adjusted to the correct position needed for the baby to rest at the right height and in place

NOTE: You need this “Baby with Hidden Crib” - mod for this to work

NOTE 2: The preview picture’s baby’s skin is by @martinessimblr. You can get it here.

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