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Yay this is my 1st ever mesh conversion to sims 2!! I originally converted this to sims 4 because I wanted to have a time appropriate object to write and publish books with in my medieval gameplay and then I realized a printing press would be a good choice since it enabled the mass printing of books (and was invented in the late middle-ages). 
Then because I had never done mesh conversions for Sims 2 I thought this would be the optimal thing to try and do since I don't thinks there's objects similar to this for Sims 2. And of course I had use of it in sims 2 as well. So here it is!

The printing press consists of 3 objects: 1) Printing Press Desk, 2) Letter plate that is placed on top of it and it's the computer with which to write novels and 3) a chair. So this way, with the same textures for the bench and the desk, the whole thing will look like one object. 
Mesh details:
  • This download adds 3 new meshes & objects into your game:
    • 1) Desk: Created by: Stroti who first made it for Oblivion / Converted to Sims 2 by me.
      • Polygons: 3353
    • 2) Chair: Converted from Sims 4 to Sims 2 by me.
      • Polygons: 120
    • 3) Computer:  Created by: Stroti who first made it for Oblivion / Converted to Sims 2 by me.
      • Polygons: 220
Texture details:
  • Textures made by me by using extracted Sims Medieval  textures
  • Textures included for the desk and chair:
    • Plank wood texture with 5 recolors
    • Solid wood texture with 5 recolors
Textures for the letter plate computer:
- iron texture with simlish text

Prices in game and where to find the objects:
  • Printing Press Desk (found in desks): 500 Simoleons
  • Computer  (found in electronics): 1000 Simoleons
  • Chair (found in chairs): 80 Simoleons
 I made the prices as high as they are for modern computers because it would've been expensive to own this and publish books in the late medieval times. 

Here's Stroti's original one: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/36064/?
TOU: Feel free to recolor. You can include the meshes but give me credit for the conversion please!

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