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Since the cc caves that are available to History Challenge work as tents we aren’t able to see sims be and interact with each other inside them and I think it’s a shame since we loose some good story telling potential because caves are pretty essential in the prehistoric era. That’s why I wanted to have a cave with a shelter type of structure that sims could get inside in but we can still see them. Then I saw these rock formations converted to Sims 2 from Sims 3 by HafiseAzale and I think they were perfect. So all credit to HA!
Set includes:
  • 2 decorative rock formations (small + large)
  • 4 recolors for both 
Resources used:
  • Hafiseazale’s mesh converted from Sims 3 to Sims 2 and which I used to make this.
CC used in the previews:
NOTE: In case when you try to place the objects onto the ground but they appear red and you can’t place them - use “bb.moveobjects” - cheat and you’ll able to do it.

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