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Here’s a conversion from the Sims Medieval, a crib for your peasant babies. Since all the cribs in the Sims Medieval are lower than they’re in the normal Sims games I had to scale the crib vertically upwards so that’s why it looks slightly different from the original thing. Credit goes to Rebecah who first converted this to Sims 2 and which I then converted to Sims 4. 

This download includes a new recolor for the cloth (I think the off-white looks more realistic than the original colorful ones) and I also gave the cradle a few custom recolors as well, the wooden yellow (left one in the 2nd picture) is original

NOTE: This is found under the sculptures and should be used with the baby without crib mod by Sims Studio.

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)


  1. Thx! You help me so much! <33

  2. So it has no negative effect on the baby that it doesn't actually sleep in a crib?

    1. No. The invisible mod just makes the original EA crib invisible so you can place this in its place and so it looks like the baby is actually in this crib.


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