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I originally did these for my early 1900′s sims but I mean they are exactly like modern suits, since I used the Maxis mesh to make these. I didn’t really like the color options for that original one (the black/red + blue + grey/blue) so I made these more neutral versions and added the vest instead of the sash running across the lower stomach. 
This comes in total of 12 different swatches, since there’s 3 options for the suit (white, black and grey), 2 options for the vest (white & black) and 2 for the bowtie (white & black) So that means you have the freedom to mix these as you like. 
NOTE: I had real trouble with removing the line where the sash was in the original clothing and it’s now in the middle of the vest. I don’t know if the trouble was with the mesh or DST image but I couldn’t fix it either way, so please don’t download if it bothers you. It’s mainly visible in the white vest.

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