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I love Katvip's Cradle of Darkness site and the cc for Sims 2. This Library set being among my favorites I wanted to have the opportunity have it in Sims 4 as well so I converted it.

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The set includes 17 meshes. They are listed in the pictures along with their polygon and verticle amounts. I tried to make the counts smaller but some of them are still quite big.  

The differences between this and Katvip’s original collection are that it has 15 meshes and it contains “the small table” object (number 8 in this catalogue) twice with the “book clutter” object (number 5 & 7 in the catalogue) on top of the other while for this I  extracted the books to be their own item and then divided it in half to make two separate book clutter objects. I did this because I thought it’d be nice to have the books as separate items.  So as a result of that this Sims 4 version of the set has two meshes more. 

I hope you enjoy them!

TOU:  Please don't re-upload or claim as your own.  All the meshes and textures belong to Katvip. You can read the site's Policy here regarding them. 

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire, no ads)

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