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  • No CC used
  • Hair: Romantic Garden Stuff
  • Suit: Get Together
  • Download Rhett as a sim from gallery: ID: HistoricalSimsL 


The Set includes / Meshes needed for them:
  • Green Dress (Recolor of the Civil War Dress by Kiara Zurk):   >MESH<
  • Red Dress Top (Retexture of Bukovka’s Blouse) :    >MESH< 
  • Red Dress Skirt: (Retexture of Lunenore’s Countess Skirt) >MESH< 
  • Hair (Recolor of Kiara Zurk’s Creative Braids):   >MESH<
  • Large Straw Sun Hat (Edited from the base game sun hat)

DOWNLOAD the Scarlet Outfit Set:

SimFileShare  (through clk.sh)

  • Download Scarlett as a sim from gallery: ID: HistoricalSimsL 

Accessories from other creators  used in the previews (not included in the download) :

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