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The Lots:

1. Prehistoric Camp #1 (Residential Lot)
  • A southern European type of lot with deciduous plants 
2. Prehistoric Camp #2 (Residential Lot)
  • A northern type lot with evergreen plants
3. Nature Park (Community Lot)
  • Swampy &  Lagoon- type of lot
  • Large pond
  • Campfires 
  • Get Together Shrubs for sleeping and to use as a toilet

CC You need to download for them to show up in the lots:

Plants for all the lots:
  1. Liberated ‘Get Together’ Objects by fran89 
  2. Unlocked Pinetree Pack by: Bakie
  3. Liberated Grass/Reeds by: plasticbox 
  4. Unlocked Swamp Pack by: Bakie
  5. Unlocked Oak Pack by: Bakie
  6. Liberated Plants by: plasticbox
  7. Unlocked Tree Pack by: Bakie
  8. Liberated Rocks by: Plasticbox
  9. Liberated 'Outdoor Retreat’ Objects by; fran89
  10. Liberated Get to Work Objects by: fran89
  11. Liberated shrubs by: plasticbox
Prehistoric Camp #1.
  1. The leafy Cave by inabadromance / budgie
  2. Wheat in the Peaceful Moments Set  by: HelenSims
Prehistoric Camp #2
  1. The bones and the huts by: AroundtheSims

GALLERY  ID: HistoricalSimsL

LOT 1)

LOT 2)

LOT 3)

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