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1st communal bedroom:

2nd communal bedroom:


yoga room:

small kitchen garden:



dining hall:


school room:

garden alcove:


garden with its horse shoe and other practice targets:

bigger vegetable garden:

I got a request from sims4bunny to convert my Sims 2 Knights Training Barracks to Sims 4 and here it finally is. I wanted to do it a bit different this time but it still has the same functions as the sims 2 one. 

So this is the place where knights in training live (before they move out to serve the king/queen) and maximize their skills in fitness, logic, charisma etc. For that reason the barrack has a gym, yoga room (to practice their minds like jedis!), a library, a school room, a sauna (for relaxing after a hard day). It also has 2 communal bedrooms, bathrooms, toilet, kitchen and dining room. The garden has two separate kitchen/vegetable gardens, and practice target for horse shoe throwing.  
Lot Size: 40 x 30

Expansions & packs needed: Get Together, Spa Day & Outdoor Retreat.Note: Out of these expansions I used the objects in the Get Together and Spa Day expansion the most and only few objects from the Outdoor Retreat and maybe one from Get to Work so if you don’t have these 2 it shouldn’t matter that much. 
CC used: (I didn’t include the cc files in this download out of respect to the creators and also if some of you don’t want much cc in your game you can download only the ones you like.)

Functional Objects: 
Sauna (by: Severinka) /  Tables & Fireplace set (by: Severinka)
Sofa & Fireplace set (By: Severinka) / Open Pantry (By: Teanmoon)
Medieval Set II (By: Kresten22) /  Medieval Market (By: Cinderellimouse)
Barrel Shower (By: Motherof70) /  Tarox Medieval Toilet (By: Motherof70)
Bookcase (By: K-Hippie) /  Classroom Set (By: VMsimscreations)
Kitchen counters (By me) / Library set (By me)

Deco Objects:
Ahoy Mate - set (by: TinkeringTinkle)
Potted Climbing Ivy (By:  Menaceman44) / Medieval Cheeses (by: Tinkering Tinkle)
Left Suburb - set (by: Helen-Sims) / Leather Rug (By: Pilar)
Books (By: Astraea Nevermore) / Armor (By: Kresten22)
Bear rug (By me) / Weapon stands (By me) / Jugs & Cups (By me)
I have to say it wasn’t very difficult to convert this to sims 4 because there’s so much awesome medieval stuff done by these previously mentioned simmers and many others as well. So huge thank you to you!  

Edited  on 16th of January:

You also need this wooden floor set made by me. 

DOWNLOAD from the gallery: username: HistoricalSimsL


  1. it doesn’t appear in the gallery to place. i downloaded and unzipped the file then tried both copy and paste to sims 4 tray folder (didn’t work) then tried cut and paste (still nothing happened) please re check the file if ther eis anything missing that prevents it from appearing in the game. have you tried placing it in the sims 4 in another computer? you know like testing?

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I've put the lot on gallery now. The ID is HistoricalSimsL

  2. I can't find to download.

  3. Couldn't find anything in Gallery

  4. All of your dropbox links that I've seen so far on this site are broken, so I couldn't get to the wooden floors you linked to.

    1. Thanks for telling me. I updated the link!

  5. cant even find your username in the gallery.


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