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I think this is my 1st sims 2 medieval building that I’ve put up for download and about time it is. This is the place where my knights in-training live before they can qualify to serve the king (they have to have max skills at least in logic, fitness and charisma.) 

So to guarantee that there’s training dummies and archery targets in the courtyard, the library has chess boards and you can practice charisma with the podiums. The living conditions are basic: common sleeping chambers for the trainees and the commanders have 4 separate bedrooms on the top floor. There’s no kitchen because the knights have to learn to cook for themselves in basic conditions and since the 2 fireplaces in the great hall work as ovens and the shelves as fridges the sims living there can use those to prepare food.  A small garden patch is in the corner of the garden so the trainees can grow their own food as well. There’s a communal bathrooms and toilets but for those suffering from shy bladder there’s an outhouse toilet too. 

Layout: On the 1st floor: weapon storage, lecture room, great hall & library / 2nd floor: common sleep chambers, bathrooms / 3rd floor: 4 separate bedrooms. 

The courtyard:

Small garden patch:

The well

Wood chopping: 

Archery targets and sword fighting dummies

Floor plan: 

Weapon storage: 

Classroom where the knights learn such things as languages and poetry 

The great hall:

The library:

The communal sleeping chambers:



The 4 separate bedrooms on the 3rd floor. Every room has a bed, bedside table, desk + chair, a bookcase and a sofa.

The exterior:

A huge thank you to these creators whose custom content I used to make this lot:
VampireKiss6661 TheNinthWave    Decat    amelia94    Raynuss
Lama    Sunni     HafiseAzale     Crisps&Kerosene     CuriousB
Supertramp     Feenwald     Katvip     CindySim     redeth20
4eversimfantasy     buggybooz     Franky     Frances     Pandorasims
Woodforsims     Rankius     Gwenke     Jeka     Clutter-a-holic
Daislia     Ohbehave     Lemoncandy     Mustluvcatz     Nengi65
NixNivis   Tgsims     Veranka     Komosims     Apollyon     Yolartut

The size of the file is 173 MB and it does contain large amount off cc so use at your own risk.
TOU: Please don't re-upload or claim as your own. 

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