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The library is named after the two griffin statues located at the entrance to the library. ( In my tumblr posts from January I called it Crowborough’s library but it’s been renamed since)
It has 4 floors (although the 3rd and 4th are joined to give the floor double height.)   

On the 1st floor there’s the toilets, children’s section, the archive and receptionist desk. The 2nd floor has desks for reading and the 3rd floor has armchairs. Rest of the space is pretty much bookshelves after bookshelves. Although I made this lot for my Edwardian neighborhood I think it fits well for modern ones as well. 

The entrance with the statues:

View from left side:

View from street:

Desks and chairs for reading and research


The main staircase:

Children's section with some toys:


The 3 floors of the library:


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  1. Amazing and beautiful! Might have to go back to S2 just for this!


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