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I posted pictures of this lot ages ago on my tumblr and I then wasn't sure if I'd be able to put it for download since it had so much cc that I would die of old age before sorting out what each creator's tou's said about including the objects with lots. But it actually turned out to be less time consuming that I had thought so here it is. 

LOT INFO:  Lot size: 5x5 (Like the name suggests this is a beach lot) 
 Lot type: Residential 
The price in the game:330 684 $

The view from the ocean side:

A mermaid statue welcomes the visitors coming from the sea:

Areal view of the garden - there's a small vegetable garden with fruit trees, some medieval style hedged flower beds and sitting area with a fountain. 

The little nooks with benches are perfect places for little romancing on summer's evenings with your knight or maiden.

Through the hedge arches the sims can go to the beach

The entry to to castle and its courtyard consists of a gently sloping stairs and walls covered of ivy and flowers:

The courtyard with a well: 

The view from the road:


The dining hall:

The kitchen:

A maiden's room: 



Living salon:

The library:

The grey bedroom:

Storage room / treasure room


 WARNING: This lot is filled with custom content so download and use with caution! I didn’t originally intent this lot for download so I used cc with a heavy hand when I made it :P
I owe it all to these wonderful creators whose cc I used to make this lot:

Decat    Sun&Moon     SilentLucidity   Crisps&Kerosene  Cyclonesue  Jonesi   Latricia      Nofrena   Simlin55      corvidophile2     mia86      Asylaraber02Yuxi   Maylin    JS&SimsBuilder&blondmermaid  4eversimfantasy    sim2me   Kate     Lithium  AnYe     shakeshaft     Lama   buggybooz   BobL  Cashcraft     Cassandre    Cat     Frances      phoenix_phaerie  Podchacha    Billyjean     samba    Windkeeper     Ermelind  evanesco    eefje00704    CuriousB  sweetswami77  Daislia     Gwenke     HafiseAzale     Katvip    HugeLunatic Hodgekiss     Honeywell     Jeka     Jonesi     JS    Katija     Clutter-a-holic      Maron     Marvine     Ohbehave  mustluvkatz     Monica   Moune999   Moxxa    Luna    Lpvinyl21   Murano     nengi65      nemestnaya    HystericalParoxysm   SamantaBlack     Xiomara      SurrealiSIM      Suza     delonariel   tgsims      screaming-mustard       Sasilia      Raynuss    Dicreasy Vitasims2     AnYe      Veranka      iCad     Pandorasims  Lilly    Parsimonious

DOWNLOAD (from Mediafire)


  1. Hi! The castle looks lovely, thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to see it in-game. :)

  2. This is stunning! Thank you so much!~


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