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Here’s a conversion of Podchacha’s Peasant Life set - aka. nice small clutter of medieval tableware objects. 

Verticle / Polygon couns:

Empty plate: V: 317 /  P: 522

Jug:  V: 676 /  P: 1346

JarV: 840 /  P: 1566

Cup:  V: 496 /  P: 818

Plate with food:  V: 851 /  P: 862

Bowl:  V: 668 /  P: 1102

Note: The original set had  5 objects but I extracted the food stuff from the “plate with food” object and so made the empty plate be its own object.
TOU: Please don’t re-upload or claim as your own.   All the meshes & textures belong to Podchacha. 

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire, no ads)

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